About me

I wouldn’t dare to call myself a photographer (i. e. someone who knows what they’re doing and creating art with that) because I’m completely self-taught and just like to take pictures. In my daytime job I’m a freelance translator (for books) and editor, and taking pictures is an excellent way to get your mind off work. I have a very big heart for Sweden and all Swedish, love the language and the kanelbullar – and of course the music scene. My alltime favourite band is Covenant (from – you might guess – Sweden), but I’d never limit myself to just one music genre. So you’ll find bands and musicians from nearly every part of the music world on this page.

I shoot with a Nikon D610, together with the Tamron 2,8, 24-70 lense, the Tamron 2,8, 70-200, the Sigma 2,8, 105 and the Nikon 1,8, 50.

Me and my assistant Vampy are looking forward to meet you on this musical and photographical journey!